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 Professor Lorelei Burton - Charms

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Lorelei Burton
Lorelei Burton

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PostSubject: Professor Lorelei Burton - Charms   Professor Lorelei Burton - Charms EmptyWed Jul 14, 2010 9:16 pm

(This is a WIP, all names/dates/events are subject to change unless otherwise noted!)

Name: Lorelei-Anne Meredith Burton

Nicknames: “Lora” (preferred), “Lor”, “LyLy” (pet name from her mother, hates it), “Annie” (was called this only by her father, does not allow anyone else to refer her to such except by him)

Birthdate: April 21, 1993

Age: 26

Profession: Professor of Charms at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Blood status: Half-blood (Muggle father, witch mother)

House: Ravenclaw

Mother: Charlotte Hemmings (deceased)
Father: John Burton (deceaced)

Siblings: None

Nationality: American/British

Appearence: 5'8'', long brown hair, brown eyes, thin, a little on the lanky side. (more to come soon)

Siblings: None

Nationality: American/British

Playby: Anne Hathaway

Professor Lorelei Burton - Charms Lora3Smaller
Professor Lorelei Burton - Charms Lora2smaller
Professor Lorelei Burton - Charms Lora4
Professor Lorelei Burton - Charms Anne-hathaway-1024x768-28487

Lora durring her student days
Professor Lorelei Burton - Charms LoraSchool

Playby: Anne Hathaway

Personality: Lora’s nature is exceedingly sweet, yet terribly shy. As brilliant in her work as she is, it tends to cause her to be a bit anti-social as she would rather spend a day at home mulling over spells than to really go out with friends. She tends to be a little klutzy, particularly when in an embarrassing situation, but once she gets past her initial shyness, she is quite outspoken and humorous. When it comes to the opposite sex, however, she tends to be a little indifferent. She really has no interest in romance at the time…or at least she likes to think she doesn’t. Despite this, her ideal date would be discussing the role of spoken spells in regards to their difference in strength to non-spoken spells...all while surrounded by candlelight. But that does not stop her from a close friendship. She has a knack for being a bit eccentric and usually says precisely what comes to mind and is therefore prone to opinionated outbursts, sometimes followed by a string of apologies.

(For reference, just think Anne Hathaway…but a little more toned down and nerdy ^.^)

History: Lorelei, or Lora, was born the only child of Charlotte Hemmings and John Burton. Though Charlottle was of magical blood, John was a Muggle, as well as American. The two met while John was on holiday in Britain and met Charlotte at a folk music concert. John, himself a musician, loved to explore the music of foreign cultures. When an opportunity arose to attend a quite ‘non-traditional’ music festival, he jumped at the offer and found his way to England. While in attendance, John met and became captivated by a singer of one of the groups. Charlotte, in turn was drawn to his charm and “Americanism” and they spent the rest of John’s time in England together.

After a brief but passionate affair, John regretted having to return to The States, but insisted the keep in correspondence. It was not long after his departure that Charlotte realized she was pregnant and debated on whether or not to write to John and tell him. John, on the other hand, held up his promise and wrote to her often, receiving only few letters in return. After a few months, charlotte was still torn over the decision of whether or not to reveal to John that she was going to have his child. She also was hiding the fact that she was witch, unsure of what his reaction would be. Regardless, she was determined to keep the child, whether or not John wanted to be a part of his or her life.

After much debate, she finally confessed both truths to him nearly 6 months after they parted. John was stunned by both aspects, but was not at all distressed at the notion of becoming a father. While he still had mixed feelings over the notion of Charlotte’s magical abilities, but her was never much one for prejudice. He instantly replied that he would be more than happy to be in the child’s life, but was unsure if marriage would be the best course of action. Charlotte, feeling the same, accepted his answer and they both came to an agreement to share custody and not take the option of matrimony.
John was insistent her be there for the birth of the baby and when Charlotte sent word that she was due, he did not hesitate to travel to London to be at her side. The birth went without difficulty and Lorelei-Anne Meredith Burton arrived into the world. Since both John and Charlotte did not want to leave their home countries, and her mother had full custody, Lora was occasionally sent to the United States for her time with her father.

The first five years of Lora’s life was rather usual, despite being raised in two worlds at once: the Muggle and Wizarding. But as times grew dark in London and the return of Voldemort, and Charlotte feared greatly for her daughter, especially since she was involved in the resistance. In order to keep her half-blood child safe from Death Eaters, she sent Lora to live with her father until the danger had passed, however long that would be. Unfortunately, it would be the last time Lora would ever see her mother again, for during the great battle at Hogwarts, her mother perished in the fight against the Death-Eaters.
Now in the care of her father, Lora was more exposed to the Muggle world and had little memory of her life with her mother. John, now living on a ranch in Colorado, did his best to raise his daughter. The first year was bit of an adjustment period for them both, but fate would have it that John and Lora grew to be practically inseparable. As years passed, Lora loved her life on the Ranch and grew up with a great knowledge and love of horses and learned to be quite the experienced rider, even so much as to win a few riding competitions in and out of state. She was true country-western girl if there ever was one.

One summer when she was seven, Lora was with friends playing by a nearby fast moving stream, despite several warnings from adults to stay away from it. But Lora was stubborn and had a knack for going against the rules for a little adventure. She had gotten too close and lost her footing at the edge when the stones she stood on gave way and she plunged into the stream. Though she was a good swimmer, Lora was carried downstream a good 20 feet before her foot caught between two rocks under the water. Lora’s head just barely reached the surface and could only see and hear the water rushing around her as she gasped for air. She doesn’t remember being pulled to safety by a passing adult who had seen her fall in and had jumped into the raging water to her rescue. After a brief stay in the ER, Lora was treated for a mild concussion and scrapes and was released home to her not-too-pleased father. It was after that day that Lora gained a fear of drowning.

After her terrifying ordeal, the rest of her years went by rather peacefully. Her most treasured memories were of her father constantly playing his guitar with her singing along occasionally. John had even written a song for her though it was originally written for her mother, but was not complete by the time Lora had come to live with him. Lora could not be more content with her life.
Yet, at the age of ten, tragedy would strike yet again as during one ridding session, the horse Lora was riding became spooked and began to run around erratically. John, in an attempt to pull his daughter onto his own horse, was knocked off and kicked by the frightened animal, injuring him fatally. Lora, consumes with guilt and devastated by the loss of the one person the closest to her, withdrew into a deep depression and hardly remembers attending the funeral. Now orphaned, Child Services contacted the only kin she had left, her maternal grandparents in England. Heartbroken over leaving the ranch as well as her beloved horses, Lora had no other choice but to be shipped back to her country of birth.

The first few months Lora would hardly speak to anyone and was quite anti-social in school, which resulted in some bullying and labels such as “Yankee Snob”. The only comfort she had was the understanding and love from her grandparents. Over the course of the year, Lora eventually came to terms with her loss, and though still healing, more or less resumed her usual demeanor and was bullied less in school.

Her life would change once more as on the morning of her 11th birthday, Lora received a strange letter by mail, and was quite perplexed when it was dropped at her feet by an owl. Opening the letter, her first reaction that it was an elaborate prank. What was this “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”? Tossing it in the rubbish without a second though, she was even more surprised when another identical letter arrived the next day. More annoyed this time, she did the same as with the first one. By the third day, yet another identical letter arrived and this time Lora had had enough. She showed the letter to her grandparents demanding that they help find the prankster and make them stop. Her grandparents, however, merely smiled and nearly wept out of joy. Lora, standing there with an expression of complete confusion and wondering if her guardians had lost their minds demanded to know what was the “wonderful news”. It was then that they explained to her the nature of her mother’s world and that, now, she too was a witch and would be attending the most prestigious wizarding school known.

To say that Lora was shocked would be an understatement. Her initial feelings were mixed before turning to a complete refusal to believe it. Within a year Lora had to come to grips with her father’s death, moving to a foreign country to live with relatives she hardly knew, and now learning that she was a witch and would most likely have to abandon the only world she knew. But, willing or not, Lora had no other choice. That September she started her first year at Hogwarts.

The rest of Lora’s time at Hogwarts went without incident, except for the occasional magical mishap and typical teen drama. Being raised primarily in the US, she tended to draw a lot of attention to herself unintentionally, particularly from boys, who were rather curious and attracted to her “accent”. She had a few boyfriends, but they never developed into anything serious (though she does recall one Hufflepuff being so enamored with her that he ended up in a fight with a fellow Ravenclaw over her affections).

In all, Lora wasn’t particularly interested in relationships much and would rather concentrate on her magical studies, having now become accepting as much as to say she embraced them whole-heartedly. Her passion though was Charms, which she excelled at eventually to become top of her class. Her devotion to her schoolwork as well as citizenship within the school earned her a position of Prefect in her 4th year, and then as Head Girl in her 6th. By the time she had left Hogwarts, she had one of the top marks in the school in over 15 years.

With her academic accomplishments, Lora continued her education at Peripact Hecate University of Magic* where she furthered her studies in Charms. After graduation, Lora secured a part-time job at Flourish & Blotts where she remained for two years. It was then she received a letter from Headmistress Kiara of Hogwarts inviting her to become the new Charms Professor. Without delay, Lora accepted the position and at the current time is now well into her first year as Professor of Charms at her Alma Matter.
*Name made up by yours truly =).

Patronus: Horse

Amortentia: Chocolate, freshly cut wood, daisies, her dad’s famous venison lasagna, summer rain

Boggart: suffocation/drowning

Wand: 12 ½ inches, Willow, Core: Unicorn tail hair

Likes: Practically any living creature (magic and non-magic), horseback riding, country music, Ferris wheels, raspberry cheesecake, sushi, flying on her broom to clear her mind.

Dislikes: Spiders, spinach (unless on pizza), constant interruptions when she is busy, people who can’t take a hint (i.e. men who don’t take ‘no’ for an answer when asking her out).

Theme Song: WIP

Life CD: "Annie's Song" - John Denver (song her dad always sang for her)
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Professor Lorelei Burton - Charms
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