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 Just Close to Knucture Allly ( July 2055)

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Headmistress Kiara
Headmistress Kiara

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PostSubject: Just Close to Knucture Allly ( July 2055)   Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:33 pm

Rose McConn was out with her friends, it was late at night, later then she thought it was, later then she should have been out, by her parent’s rules. Had she known what time it was she would know her mother would have given her a lecture on come home on curfew. They had just come back from a friend of hers 17th birthday party, and the birthday girl was stumbling around after one to many fire whiskey’s.
“juss ya wait, til your, B Day Rosie See how well you.. you do” her friend, Anna slurred out but almost tripping over her own two feet.
Jake Anna’s long time Boy friend, caught her and chuckled, “Aye, I think anyone could do better then you Ann” he looked in amusement when the others laughed.
“I am going to apparate her home, anyone else want a ride?” he asked being one of the only sober ones there besides Rose all the others agreed to get a ride with him to their homes.

“No thanks Jake I’ll just head to Hogwarts, Headmistress said she would keep her flew opened for me to go home. I will be fine” she said as she knew the root to Hogwarts like the back of her hand.

Jake nodded, “Well alright, see ya around Rosie” he said as Disappeared along with all their other friends.
Rose sighed and started walking to her first floo stop, to the leaky cauldron to go to hogsmead then Hogwarts. Then she looked at her watch and gasped, “ 12:30 am already? Mum will kill me!” wanting to get home quicker and wishing she had Jake take her, she took the short cut… through Knockturn ally..

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Just Close to Knucture Allly ( July 2055)
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