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 Farewell, A Time to Fly ~ Winter 2028

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PostSubject: Farewell, A Time to Fly ~ Winter 2028   Sat Jun 25, 2011 7:15 am

Emerald orbs regarded the sight before her with narrowed slits and a fury that seemed to be more better matched for someone older than the child's ten years. If looks could kill then rest assured that the target of this girl's gaze would be surely be speared and crucified with thorns of wrath and nails of vengeance It was an unfortunate sight seeing a child so filled with hate. The only thing more tragic was the fact that the receiver of it all was the child's own Mother.

Despite being away for several months after abandoning them all, Lara's mother Amaranth Viper seemed to see no wrong in just coming back as suddenly as she left and pretending nothing had changed. Lara Kaminski fought the urge to vomit at the sight before her. Her Mother was currently building and decorating a gingerbread house with Lara's two younger siblings Lynn and Demyan. Rather pathetic, the little girl thought, considering her Mother was not a fan of baking in the least and typically left such tasks in the hands of Lara's babushka and Aunt Sveta. No, drinking, the young girl felt, was more up her Mother's alley.

Who did Amaranth Viper think she was? Didn't she know all the pain of all those she left behind? Didn't she know Lynn had nightmares for weeks straight about everyone leaving her? Didn't she know that Demyan spent much of his time in his Animagus form, not talking to anyone? Didn't she know her father had turned into a broken man and a ghost of himself whose smiles and laughter became as rare as a blood diamond? 

And Lara herself... Well, while the young girl would rather walk barefoot in Hell itself than admit to all those nights she had cried herself to sleep wondering why life had turned into what it had and when, or if, her Mother would ever come back.

The family could forgive her if they wanted and welcome her back with open arms as they saw fit, but not Lara. How do you forgive someone who ripped your heart out and turned your entire world upside down? Her Mother eventually broke the child's reverie and asked in a soft, gentle tone, "Lara, would you like to join us? You could help add the candy to the house, if you'd like. I know how much you love cand-"

"No." Lara interrupted lowly, her own voice piercing through the tension like a knife cuts through softened butter.

A look of pain crossed over the witch's face at her oldest child's tone and demeanor, but still she endeavored to try and mend the gap she was well aware of that now existed between the two. The witch couldn't blame her daughter in the least, considering Lara had seen firsthand the arguments between her parents and, as oldest, had to help pick up the pieces and look out for her siblings. Still though, Viper endeavored further for just as she said to her Sevastyan back on her son's fifth birthday, she couldn't bear it if any of her family, especially her children, hated her. "Please, Cookie..." she begged, wanting so desperately to fix the tension between her and her child.

The little girl stayed silent for a moment before slowly making her way towards her Mother and siblings. A silent sigh of relief escaped Viper as a soft smile began to spread across her face, convinced that her child was willing to give her another chance. However, the child's action demonstrated anything but. 

In the blink of an eye Lara swung her arm forward, sending the nearly complete gingerbread house forward to smash against the floor in a frosted, sugary mess. Lynn let out a cry at the sight of the treat and sugary architecture now little more than a messy crumble but for the moment, Viper's focus was upon her oldest daughter. "Lara, wh-"

"I hate you! I wish you'd just go back to where you came from and never come back ever again!" she shouted tears starting to fall down her face.

"Lara, I know you're upset with me, but Cookie please-" Viper pleaded, her own tears beginning to form in their plea for their owner's daughter to forgive and forget, despite knowing it was much to ask. She rose and opened her arms, begging her daughter to run into them and take comfort from her embrace just as she had once during what seemed like an eternity ago, only to be rejected.

"Get away from me! Just go away and leave me alone!" Lara wept angrily as she shoved her Mother and ran past her, fleeing to her bedroom out of sight, out of time, and away from all that she saw as lies.

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Farewell, A Time to Fly ~ Winter 2028
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