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 Uriel Seraphim

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Uriel Seraphim
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First year
Uriel Seraphim

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PostSubject: Uriel Seraphim    Mon Jul 04, 2011 12:58 pm

General information

Name: Uriel Seraphim

Age: 16

Nickname: Uri

Personal Information

Positive Characteristics: Intelligent, speaks conversational French, neat, capable, diligent, sweet and nonjudgmental.

Negative Characteristics: Internally temperamental, cold, unforgiving and sports a huge ego (though outwardly she ‘appears’ to be humble).

Overall personality:
Uriel is a very calm collected creature who rarely worries or fusses about, as so many others do. She is capable, logical and always understanding. She can be friendly under the right circumstances, but it is much more likely she would brush someone off with her cool aloof personality before speaking with them. Her friends are almost always of the same social class or slightly below (considering how difficult it is to reach Jean and Elisabeth’s level within society).

If faced with a personal challenge she is most likely to turn to one of her older brothers or Father for advice. She is never one to be late or outright with her emotions, but prefers to appear passive towards all around her. There is the exception of Muggle-born’s of course, such a person is unworthy of her concern, or at least, that’s what she has been told. Most tend to leave her alone for the most part, and though she does enjoy friendly company from time to time, Uriel knows that there is little point in becoming friendly with people far below her station; it would disappoint her father greatly.

First Impression: At first glance one would perceive Uriel as being cold, calm and collected. She is elegant, as elegant as any 11yr old Pure-blood ever is at least, and does have a certain air of superiority about her.

Emotional Disposition: Uriel, to most, would appear to be incredibly resigned and serious for a girl of her age. She is quiet and speaks only when the situation requires it.

Core Value: Adjusted

Overall Appearance: Uriel is a small, lithe creature with long tumbling platinum blonde hair and soft silvery eyes. Though her skin is a most elegant shade of porcelain, she does however have a small beauty make situated at the very top of her shoulder. If she was any more vain than she already is, it would likely be the bain of her existence. Much to her disgust mind you, she is never seen in anything but the absolute height of fashion. She has a very low tolerance for extreme heat, and so Uriel is always quite irritated by the many unnecessary layers High-Class attire often comes with.

Wand: Elm, 10inch, Pegasus feather core (from her own Pegasus’ wings).

Pet: A four month old black and white Kneazle named ‘Aphrodite’. The smallest kitten yet birthed by her oldest brother Michal’s Kneazle, ‘Ginger’.

Family Info

Blood: Pureblood

Social Class/father’s occupation: Upperclass. Uriel’s father is the Head Unspeakable of the Department Head Unspoken Office 1 and a contented Wizengamot Council member. Both of her parents have had wealth within their families for generations, and though Jean Seraphim could live a luxurious life without working, he is a man who could find no merit within such a life.

Residence: Though Uriel was born in England, she has spent the majority of her life traveling between Paris and London alongside her socialite mother. The Seraphim family has many estates throughout both England and France, as well as a few holiday homes in Germany and South America. But for the most part she stays in the family manor in Buckinghamshire with her older siblings.

Lady Elisabeth Silvia Seraphim (45, Half-blood, Slytherin Graduate, English Aristocrat)
Lord Jean Seraphim (48, Half-blood, Ravenclaw Graduate, French Aristocrat)

Xavier Richard Sterling (27, Ravenclaw Graduate)
Zachery Sterling (23, Slytherin Graduate)
Gwendolyn Silvia Seraphim & Jonathan Seraphim (20, Ravenclaw Graduates)
Michal Seraphim (17, 7th year Ravenclaw)
Gabriel Seraphim (15, 6th year Ravenclaw)
Ariel Seraphim (13, 3rd year Slytherin)
Raphael Seraphim & Simiel Seraphim (12, 2nd year Slytherin)

Other important figures: Governess Gwendolyn (Nanny Gwen) & Aunty Vienna (Jean’s ‘functioning’ alcoholic sister).

Reputation: The Seraphim family is highly regarded in the Wizarding world as one of the most influential Pure-Blood families with important ties in both France and England. Their reputation precedes them even in the Muggle world, as they have come to conclude that anyone with such a large accumulation of money is really not a family to mess with.
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Uriel Seraphim
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