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 BRU [June 2019]

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Head of House
Head of House

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Name: Amaranth Viper
Age: 23
Blood Rank: Pure Blood

PostSubject: BRU [June 2019]   Thu Feb 11, 2010 2:59 am

Diagon Alley was composed of various areas designed to appeal to the overall public. There was a single's area where all the bars and nightclubs were, the students area with all the necessary school supplies, the men's area with the men's clothing and sports apparel, the women's area with their own assortment of shops devoted to perfumes, cosmetics, and clothing and accessories for their wardrobe, and of course, the one area Viper never thought she would ever have a need to visit: the family wing of the shopping center. It was a corner located to the far right of the alley adorned with toy shops, candy stores, and, of course, a baby shop, complete with baby clothes and all.

Green eyes glanced over the building devoted to infants and Mothers, taking in the sign of the building, large and bold in print, reading "Babies 'R Us", with a smaller print underneath reading "The Wizarding Branch", in the blue and pink colors associated with infants, as well the store's logo: a large bird holding a swaddled infant.

"You know, very few things in life have ever intimidated me, but I have to admit, this is one of them." she said to her husband in an amused, though slightly nervous tone, feeling a bit out of place within their surroundings.

She had put off purchasing maternity clothes for as long as she could, opting to merely allow her clothes to stretch a bit more, and eventually adding as strong of an enlargement charm upon the robes as she could before it would completely ruin the garments, but now that it seemed those days were over. With an affectionate glance to the bump of her abdomen, she rested her hand lightly on the cause of her inability to fit into her old robes. It was a bit frustrating not to be able to fit into her favorite robes, and to have her stomach become public property with people constantly placing their hand upon her abdomen, giving it a "good luck rub", wanting to feel the baby's incessant movement and kicking, but Viper for the most part shrugged it off.

It had taken a while to get accustomed to being pregnant, but now that she had gotten more and more used to the idea of carrying her and Sevastyan's child, she welcomed all the aspects of pregnancy. Though, she wouldn't mind a cutback on other people grabbing at her abdomen. While she loved whenever Sevastyan rested his hand or head upon her burgeoning abdomen to feel their child move and kick, it was a different gig when it was a complete stranger touching her.

She had opened her mouth to add a teasing comment when all of a sudden, a man all decked out in the store’s Stork mascot emerged over-excitedly towards her and Sevastyan. "New Parents alert! New parents alert!" he chanted as he skipped merrily.

"Aw, what a cutie!! Look how big it is! You're huge, Madame!" he exclaimed as both of his hands grabbed at Viper's abdomen, and began making gurgling noises to the child she carried. "What can I help you folks with? A crib? A playpen? A shirt for the father-to-be, perhaps?" he asked cheekily as he conjured a lime green shirt with a frilly, glittery neon yellow collar and the words "FBI: Female Body Impregnator", written in it in glitter, with a happy face raising it's eyebrows repeatedly in a rather suggestive manner.

"Only two galleons! What do you say, Daddy? Shall I write you down for two of our Daddy Shirts? Perhaps one for you and one for grandpa?" he asked, grinning cheekily, with a clipboard at hand as he lead the way to the store's entrance.

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Head of House
Head of House

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Name: Sevastyan Kaminski
Age: 34
Blood Rank: Pure Blood

PostSubject: Re: BRU [June 2019]   Sat Feb 20, 2010 8:07 am

In Sevastyan’s whole year of working at Hogwarts, and now the summer with his new wife of approximately a month or so, he’d become used to the layout of Diagon Alley and its counterpart – Knockturn Alley. He distinctly recalled several of the bars and nightclubs he’d ventured to with Amaranth... visited a few shops in the women’s section to buy her various gifts and things, and naturally frequented the men’s area.

But not once did he really approach the section devoted to kids, and more specifically infants, during his time in this portion of Europe.

Therefore, as he and Amaranth approached a rather large building calling itself ‘Babies ‘R Us’ – complete with blue and pink lettering and a gigantic bird carrying an infant via what looked like a sling – the Russian glanced to his wife/colleague with more than a little bit of trepidation as she spoke. “If it is any consolation, I believe I can relate...” he replied in the same manner and placed an arm around her shoulders, likewise feeling as though he were in a place he had no business wandering in.

He felt that perhaps Sveta would have been a more appropriate choice to go clothes shopping with, particularly because he was not fond of the activity, but yet wanted to spend every available moment with Amaranth now that they didn’t have to dance around class schedules for a few months. He knew she was putting off buying maternity clothes but wasn’t quite sure why, never having been with a woman expecting a child or knowing anyone who was until now.

The wizard followed her gaze to the swollen portion of her abdomen, smiling slightly at the hand resting there. He’d been concerned when she first told him she was pregnant, for in all honesty they hadn’t planned it at all. At first, he thought for certain she was going to blame him for the occurrence, for he was the ‘catalyst’ needed for such a change to occur. But she hadn’t... and in an attempt to do right by her had proposed. After some discussions they eloped, and now here they stood.

It was shortly after learning Viper would have the baby that Sevastyan vowed that though the child was not planned, it would be loved just as much as if they’d been anxiously awaiting the arrival.

The only part of Amaranth expecting that he was rather unnerved by, and he could sense she was more sensitive to it than he at the start, was the fact that random people approached her and grabbed at her swollen abdomen, giving it a rub or a touch to feel the baby’s kicking. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d seen such a maneuver in action, but when it was one’s own wife the circumstances were quite a bit different. But, since she was in no immediate danger or pain, he let it slide.

Though, it went without saying that he enjoyed resting a hand or even his head against her middle, in an attempt to feel the child move. At times, when they were alone, he would speak to the unborn child as though it could hear and understand him. Most of the time such talk consisted of how their day as expectant parents were, a quick-quotes quill each in green and crimson ink jotting down his and Amaranth’s words in a journal they’d dubbed as one they’d share while expecting any children. His quill had the habit of even writing precisely when his w’s morphed into v’s.

A smirk started to line his face when he seen Amaranth about to add a further comment, his time with her allowing him to anticipate a teasing tone of voice, though his thoughts and his capacity to listen were immediately diverted by a masculine chant heralding the arrival of new parents. Since it seemed he and Amaranth were the only ones in the nearest vicinity, it could only be intended for them. While he was still listening for whatever Amaranth had been about to say, Sevastyan turned toward the voice with a light color staining his complexion.

His jaw nearly hit the floor at the clerk’s costume, even though it hadn’t moved an inch.

’You’ve got to be kidding me...!’ Sevastyan’s mind processed the thought at a decreased rate of speed due to shock factor. If he'd expected to see anything, a man in a stork costume was not on the list. And was said clerk... skipping? Against his will, Sevastyan could practically feel the image being seared into his memory. He also came to the immediate conclusion that perhaps the Babies ‘R Us had either gone out of business and was turned into an asylum... or that they happened to employ people from the Mental Ward at Saint Mungo’s. A hasty conclusion? Yes. An unmerited one? ... Difficult to say.

Sevastyan couldn’t help but glance between his wife and this strange stork-appareled man, still occasionally feeling uncomfortable when a random person came along and grabbed at Amaranth’s middle. All he needed was a look from his wife and he would do his best to deter the strange clerk. However, eerily reminding Sevastyan of Ethan Addams, the clerk jumped to a new subject. He’d opened his mouth to reply, not really sure where to start, before performing an odd optical expression at the rather loud shirt the clerk presented: Sevastyan’s eyes didn’t seem to be able to decide whether to widen with incredulity and humor at the acronym or squint in response to the flood of bright color. Not to mention the collar was incredibly frilly, not at all along the Russian’s guidelines when it came to a sense of fashion!

“Ah...” seemed about all Sevastyan was capable of saying for several moments, not sure whether to be startled or amused by the acronym. “No, thank you. I... erm... doubt ‘grandpa’ vould appreciate it’s... erm...” the wizard attempted to reply. He wanted to say ‘humor’ but wasn’t sure how to go about it. He knew getting Maxim even within three feet of the shirt would be next to impossible. As for himself... perhaps if the shirt was more along his preferred colors, and didn’t have the frilly add-ons or glitter.

The darkest, foulest creatures and magics of wizard-kind hardly phased the Russian, and yet here he was partially weirded out by a shirt.

Glancing to Viper with a worried expression, Sevastyan waited for his wife to cross the threshold into the store first. However, given the lines creasing his brow, it was difficult to say if chivalry or uncertainty at what lay in wait for them beyond the doors caused the wizard’s actions. “Vhere do you think ve should start?” he asked Amaranth in little more than a whisper, not entirely sure what all occurred when buying in preparation for a baby.

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Head of House
Head of House

Number of posts : 3366
Registration date : 2009-03-22
Location : Reality's Maze

Name: Amaranth Viper
Age: 23
Blood Rank: Pure Blood

PostSubject: Re: BRU [June 2019]   Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:08 am

Upon learning that she was pregnant, Viper had worried at the time that Sevastyan wouldn't react very well to the news, and that he would possibly blame her for the occurrence. After all, it only took one simple potion that Viper had failed to take that would have prevented it all from happening. When one added the fact that she was a Potions Mistress and therefore surrounded by all of the ingredients on a regular basis, she was nearly shaking with nervousness at the myriad of possible reactions Sevastyan may have.

Thankfully though, her initial fear and worries had proved to be for nothing, as Sevastyan hadn't been angry in the slightest. Surprised, naturally, but nowhere near the fury she had foolishly feared from him during various daydreams and musings that had flashed through her mind throughout her classes. He had listened as she told him that she was pregnant, but despite it being accidental, and not a positioned she ever envisioned in life, she couldn't help but feel happy. Despite never really desiring a chance at motherhood, now that it had more or less arrived into her hands without much say on her part, Viper couldn't help but feel blessed. She loved Sevastyan with all that she was, and to have a part of him, and a part of her; a symbol of their reunion... there were no words. Only an indefinable, overwhelming amount of love for their child nestled safely within her.

She had told Sevastyan that she wanted, and would have this baby, but if he wanted no part in their child's life or anything at all to do with it, she would completely understand, and ask nothing from him. If he wished, he was more than free to walk away, without a second thought.

He didn't walk away. Quite the opposite, in fact. A little more than a month later, they eloped. No longer were they merely a couple, but a family.

Now here they stood, a bright smile illuminating Viper’s face as she leaned into the affectionate and supportive touch of her husband -how she loved that word!- and pressed a light kiss beneath his ear. She truly did appreciate Sevastyan accompanying her on this trip. While she knew that shopping wasn't a favorite past-time of Sevastyan's, she wanted to spend all the time she could with Sevastyan. Especially since this summer was both a time when they weren't revolving around class schedules, and by the end of the season, they would have their son or daughter.

She bit her tongue in an effort to hold back all the snippy comments she had regarding the stork-costumed clerk that so desperately wanted to escape, as she felt the clerk attach himself to her abdomen. Thankfully though, mere seconds away from her breaking point, he seemed to turn his attention to Sevastyan, showing off one of his merchandise. Green eyes stared at a fabric quite a few shades brighter than the green of it's own. Viper wasn't sure if it was a result of the hormones going through her body currently, but she was rather confused as to what to feel in regards to the shirt, if she should laugh at the acronym, or be slightly offended by it. Nonetheless though, the corners of her mouth twitched as she listened to Sevastyan's reply.

"Uniqueness?" she offered in an attempt to be helpful. Teasingly, she added. "Though I have to admit, the shade does seem to be both 'Uncle Dracovan' and 'Uncle Grisha's' color..." she replied with a light laugh.

"Perfect!" the clerk beamed in an overly hyper tone, summoning his clipboard. "Ya know what, I'm feeling generous. I tell you what, buy your little rutabaga a crib, and I'll throw in a few of these shirts for free! That way Daddy, Grandpa, and the Uncles can all match! Gosh-oh-golly, isn't that swell?" he added giddily, nudging his elbow/wing at Sevastyan's rib, nodding his head eagerly with a bright -almost unnaturally so- smile, as he eagerly lead the way to the front door.

"After you, Mummy and Daddy." he answered goofily, giving a bow so low that his beak touched the floor as he held the door open for the couple.

Viper pondered her husband's question for a moment, unsure of the answer herself. She'd never really been exposed to the elements of motherhood, and was rather clueless on what exactly an infant needed. However, just as she was about to tell her husband so, the sight before her temporarily annihilated her ability of speech.

If the clerk decked out in a stork costume in front of the store seemed bizarre, it was nothing compared to the inside of the store. It seemed that the stork costume was more or less the store's uniform, for all the employees were decked out in feathered gear. Sevastyan and Viper were literally dressed in the darkest colors, as the decor and color scheme of the store was various assortments of pale colors generally associated with infants, only taken to the extreme, for the darkest color one could find within the store was sky blue, and even that was stretching it.

"Hello!!!!" seven stork dressed employees chanted in the same voice the original store clerk had greeted them with, right down to the creepy over-happiness.

"Bloody hell..." Viper breathed out softly as she stepped closer to Sevastyan.

The original clerk appeared before them once more, standing beside the "flock". "Mummy, Daddy, I'd like you to meet my brothers and sisters! We're octoplets!! Isn't that swell?" he grinned. "I'm Larry, this is Barry, Garry, Harry, Cherrie, Mary, and this is Carrie!"

"Welcome to the wonderful, beautiful world of parenthood!!!" they all chanted, eyes all wide, and mouths stretched out all the way in a large, rather creepy looking, grin. "Turn those frowns upside down, and breathe and dance, appreciate all the wonderful changes going through your lives and body! In fact, why don't we sing a song?"

"What are your names?" asked Barry, beaming as brightly as his brother. "Names are very important! They're what makes all of us us. Don't you think so?"

"What can we help you folks with today?" the octoplets asked curiously as all eight went off listing various items required by infants ranging from cribs to diapers.

"Hmm... maybe we should get you folks some new clothes? Yeppers, that's a must-y! We need to get rid off all this icky black. Too dark and scary for a wittle, itty-bitty-baby." Carrie said as she gestured to Viper's current outfit consisting of black robes."Yep, uber ickers!"

"I know!" Cherrie grinned as she approached the couple. "How about something pretty and pink for Mummy," she paused to pinch Viper's cheeks, making gurgling noises as though the witch herself an infant, instead of merely carrying one. "And some baby blue -get it, baby?- for Daddy?" she asked as she proceeded to pinch-cheek Sevastyan.

Viper could only stare in shock at the clerks of the store, unsure of what to say or do, feeling rather creeped out, as though she had stepped into that one muggle picture film she had caught a glimpse of in London a few years back with a nanny dancing with penguins. Once Cherrie was through pinching Sevastyan's cheeks and a bit farther away from earshot, Viper grasped Sevastyan's hand rather tightly as she whispered urgently into his ear. "Whatever you do, don't leave me..."

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BRU [June 2019]
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